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Bea Binene is now starring an advocacy film that talks about the environmental awareness and climate change titled "Fading Paradise."

The film is a passion project by Bea, where the concept is coming from the actress herself. The idea is to raise awareness of the environment specifically to the virgin islands in the Philippines. Also, to educate youths/millennials from their social responsibility and accountability through this advocacy film.

In the film, Bea plays the role of a student filmmaker who loves to travel. She has a Youtube Channel named "Paradisogirl" where she upload of all her travel videos. She uses the same name in Hashtag and IG.

Bea and her millenial and Youtuber friends prepare for a special trip to visit hidden island in Bicol, the place where she and her bestfriend grew up in. Only Bicolanos know about this secret island. The underwater is uniquely thriving and world-class. They also had a secret lagoon here when they were kids.

The memory of this magical island is real until they encounter an unexpected surprise. This majestic environmental wonder became a victim of unregulated corporate abuse and greed, leaving Bea and her friends an important realization.

Directed by Aurel Ayson, the other casts in 'Fading Paradise' are Bea's real friends Krystal Reyes, Coleen Perez, Kenneth Paul Cruz, Mark Castillo and introducing Angelo Santos with the special participation of Ms. Alma Moreno.

Fading Paradise is one of the featured films in this year's Quezon City International Film Festival (QCinema). It is rated PG by MTRCB.

The screening schedule in QCinema are:

October 20, Friday, 1:30PM @ Gateway Cinema 7
October 24, Tuesday, 3:30PM @ Robinson's Galleria Cinema 7
October 26, Thursday, 3:00PM @ QC Museum Mini Theater.

For more information and inquiries, you may like Fading Paradise's Facebook page or you may email fadingparadiseindie@gmail.com

Fading Paradise Full Trailer