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AumanTalks keeps you up-to-date with the happenings in entertainment.

From movies to TV shows to music and magazine, as well as local and international celeb news and gossips, everything entertainment-related is right here!

With its former name 'Starring Of The Day,' this blogsite, owned by Chris, started way back in 2015 after one of the well-known bloggers contacted him about promotional partnership on the facebook pages he managed on.

His curiosity about blogging was a big factor in building his own. Getting into it by himself with zero experience, it turned out into something he didn't expect ⁠— growth in blog traffic! From then on, he has taken blogging seriously.

In 2017, he agreed to someone he got to know from Manila to make use of it for media events/blogcons.

In 2018, a tough decision was made for the blogsite, renaming it from 'Starring Of The Day' to 'Auman Talks' to make a fresh-start outlook.

P.S. It still has its former brand name (https://www.starring.com.ph/) and I'm not in any way connected to it. Thank you!