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Solaire Resort & Casino brings one of a kind experience where you can fully relax thru their finest amenities and enjoy their exceptional different kinds of food. Since Solaire is located in Entertainment City, they are now leading in providing best musical shows in the country.

Recently, Solaire Resort & Casino provided a stunning collaboration concert of two best singers Lani Misalucha and Morissette Amon titled "A LaniMorissette Musical Journey."

Two (2) days of their musical journey, the concert showed how they started as a singers,  the ups and down of their careers and also their success and the unforgettable experiences that they wanted to show to their supporters, who trust and love their talents.

The venue is perfect for this one of a kind event, the overall place is very relaxing from comfortable seats, approachable personnel and also the sounds system is superb. A total package experience for concert junkies only at the Theatre at Solaire.

A LaniMorissette Musical Journey Opening Prod