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When you first see his half naked photos, one cannot help but immediately wonder, who is this young man?

He seems oblivious of the fact that his body attracts attention. It can be best described as lean and mean, with a torso adorned with proud man nipples, and when you scrutinize the body in display, he has a happy trail, that ooohlala set of hair growth below the belly button!

He is hot! Definitely, any one who gets to see his three set of photos for posterity, feels his man meat heat!

What is more striking, is the expression on his face, he is committed to do the tasks, of cleaning and taking good care of an automobile.

Seriously, are all car technicians or car wash boys this delicious and responsible? Is he for real or this is just one of those photo stunts?

Well, the dude in the photo is Lance Edward. No, he is not a cousin of the hunky vampire Edward Cullen nor is he distantly related to Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands. He does not mind getting dirty so as to finish the job at hand.

He is also a singer, dancer, actor and just recently graduated with a Masters Degree in Entrepreneurship at the Ateneo de Manila University.

He shares the story behind the photos, "Yes, it is me. I believe the photo was taken when I was helping my carwash boys during our peak hours. I was not aware that a friend of mine took a picture while working. I was topless! My friend loves to make fun of me. You know, nobody was in the basement that time so I decided to take off my shirt, it was just too hot."

He has a home service carwash business around the Bonifacio Global City area. He says, "I decided to create a home service carwash business to serve the people who are busy."

Well, Lance Edward, you can wash all our cars any time, just make sure you take off your top. You are just too sexy for your shirt.

Since you are an actor, dancer and singer as well, many are looking forward to your other surprises. Of course, the public shouts, "We want some more!"