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Recently, the most well known rice retailer and wholesaler in the Philippines, Grainsmart, announced their newest endorser - Ai-Ai delas Alas. The Comedy-Queen,who is also known endorsing a lot of food products despite of being busy for her career in showbiz, still handled and promoting a brand where she believed and ensured a good quality product for the Filipinos.

Why AiAi delas Ala says 'yes' to Grainsmart?

She really wants to spread how convenient to buy rice in Grainsmart, its like a one stop shop where there are different types of rice, good quality and locally import. And one of the best things why she said 'yes' to Grainsmart is the brand promotes helping the Filipino farmers in providing a good quality rice in the Philippines.

Grainsmart Blogcon with Account Manager Eloisa Luistro
Ms. Eloisa shared the story to the bloggers happened at the Poultry Stack Tomas Morato. She said that Ai-Ai delas Alas is the perfect endorser and she symbolizes the core values of Grainsmart.

GRAINSMART is the largest, strongest and most trusted retailer, wholesaler and franchisor of special rice grains in the Philippines.Conceptualized after years of methodical planning on how to be the rice retail chain-store the community can actually count on. In barely 3 years, they have developed a system that works and ensures not only a lucrative or profitable business but a rewarding one as well.