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Gardenia Bakeries continue to delight Filipinos with its delectable breads that evoke a distinct taste, softness, aroma, freshness and nutritive value. And now, Gardenia carries on that tradition by introducing more new and delicious breads that people will truly love.

The new Gardenia California Raisin Buns and the latest colourful bunch of your favourite Gardenia Twiggies will surely make your day truly special, whether at home, in school or at work.

Fantastic in its softness and gratifying in taste, Gardenia California Raisins Buns are wonderfully-soft, great-tasting buns studded with succulent California raisins that will surely delight your senses in every bite.

The new Gardenia California Raisin Buns are certified nutritious too. Each raisin bun is packed high with important vitamins like Vitamin (Thiamine) to help prevent fatigue and boost metabolism, plus high levels of Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) and a good source of Vitamin B3 (Niacin) for improved energy metabolism, and even Calcium to help support the development of strong bones and teeth as they grow up.

Wait, there’s more! Make snacking a colorful and enjoyable experience with the new flavors of Gardenia Twiggies! With the launch of the new exciting variants of Twiggies, Gardenia also communicates the importance of teaching the kids to channel and develop their emotions and characteristics that can help them live life to the fullest with a ‘Color your Day’ campaign. Each colourful and delectable Twiggies represents a feeling or experience.

The Twiggies Yellow cake is a perfect match for you while enjoying and sharing unforgettable moments with kids, as the vibrant color yellow signifies happiness! The new Gardenia Twiggies Yellow Cake is a soft and moist butter flavoured cake for a dose of joy and fun! Plus, it is a source of Iron and packed with Vitamin B1 which helps boost your energy.

Let kids explore places they’ve never been before, and don’t forget to bring the new Gardenia Choco-Brown cake – loaded with chocolatey goodness and packed with Vitamins B1, B2 and B3 that can make you more active for a fun day ahead! It also contains Iron and Vitamin A. The brown color of the Twiggies Choco-Brown cake transcends a strong impression and is associated with being brave.

And to add more color to kids’ daily activities, Gardenia Twiggies Pink Cake is here! It is jam-packed with Tutti Fruity flavor and also a good source of vitamins like Iron and Vitamin B3. Indeed, a perfect token of colorful love as the color pink also means being sweet, nice and playful.

Indulge in the new flavors of Twiggies and grab the newest Gardenia California Raisin Bun at your nearest supermarket, grocery, or convenience store.

For more information about Gardenia California Raisin Bun and Gardenia Twiggies, visit www.gardenia.com.ph