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Augusto "Boboy" Syjuco, who is one of the aspiring presidential candidates in the 2016 election, held a blogger's night event in his residence at Forbes Park, Makati City. He talked about his advocacy to have the fastest internet connection and exchanged ideas with the bloggers.

"As part of my advocacy, I will ensure that we will have the fiber optic INTERNET PHILIPPINES BACKBONE in 2017 that will be the fastest Internet in the world." he said.

Known to many, it is challenging for the Philippines but if it will happen, it can certainly generate progress for us considering that our country has been named as one of the world's top Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) locations
Tito Boboy Syjuco also told that the he wants to rule the nation with iron fist,saying, he'll take disciplinary action regarding smuggling and restore the death penalty in the country.
He has also plans to have free education for Filipinos and provide trainings to enhace their skills. Aside from those programs that he wants to prioritize, he also plans to create more job opportunities in the country and transfrom it into a JOBS CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.

Here is the video during bloggers night.

To know more about TITO BOBOY SYJUCO, he is a cum laude graduate of the University of the East in 1963, a Gold Star Cadet in high school at Peekskill Military Academy in New York, and a topnatcher in grade school at Ateneo de Manila.

He is also awarded as the most outstanding graduate of the year. He earned the M.B.A degree in the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in 1964, Command and General Staff Course certification in 2001, Doctor of Humanities in Public Service 2006, Doctor of Industrial Technology in 2006, Master of Organization Development earned in 2007 and Doctor in Management in 2009.

Also a Good Leader, He is a Chairman in Flame Property Holdings, Inc, Fairway Property Holding, Inc, Bayan Finanacial Brokerage Inc, Bayan Financiers, Inc., Bayan Insurance Brokerage, Inc, Pacific Equity and Management Co., Inc., Negros Food and Beverage Resources, Inc, Iloilo Food and Beverage Resources Inc. Asia Plastico Inc. and A&J Reality Corporation, A Director in Solar Reality Corporation.


- Member and Director General of TESDA
- Twice elected as Congressman/Representative for the Second District of ILOILO, in Mary 1998 and May 2001
- Appointed by President Fidel V. Ramos as Member, Board of Directors, Development Bank of the Philippines, effective July 3, 1996; concurrently
- Chairman, Development Bank of the Philippines Management corporation 
-Elected VICE PRESIDENT, 1971 Constitutional Convention
-This position was the 3rd highest rank and at 28 years old, he was the 10th youngest of 320 delegates.
-PRINCIPAL AUTHOR AND SPONSOR of the 1971 Constitution's ARTICLE 13 Accountability of Public Officers, Sandigan Bayan (Anti-Graft Court), and Tanodbayan (OMBUDSMAN) which were also adopted by the 1986 Constitutional Commision.
- Member of Preisdent Macapagal's personal 5-person "Think Tank" on crucial matters in the  affairs of the Constitutional Convention
- Elected DELEGATE presenting the First District of Rizal, then the contry's premier and largest district (13 Municipalies and Cities in Metro Manila)
- MODERATORS, Dialogue 13 one-hour Documentaries televised nationwide by channel 5 on primetime that delved on major issues in the Constitutional Convention.


- Recipient, Outstanding Scholarship and leadership Award, UE Junior assembly, 1962
- 1963 Most Outstanding Graduate award, Board of trustees of the Universityy of the East
- top 63 graduates Award, University of the East Alumni Association, 1963
- UE Nominee for ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines (TOSP) 1963
- Public Service Awardee, City of Makati 1971
-Paul Harris Fellow, Rotary club international 1997
- Oustanding Congressman of the 11 th Congress, awarded by graphics Magazin, 2002-2004


- SALABAT for the filipino Soul book 1: A book on Filipino Virtues 2006
- Salabat for the Filipino Soul book II: Career Guidance in ladderized Education for Filipino Empowerment 2006
- The Warriors Creed 2004
- the 10 commendments of Honorable Politics 2003
- So wat (Newsletter circulated in the House of Representatives 2002-2004
- Sandigan bayan: On Omudsman for the Philippines 1971
- Congressman, representing the 2nd district of iloilo, 11th and 12th congress, House of Representatives, 
republic of the philippines
- MEMBER, laban ng Masang Pilipino (lamp) Mid 1998
- FOUNDER, UNLAD MAKATI, non profit foundation for livelihood projects
- DIRECTOR, Heritage of cebu foundation
- Commodore, 6th Philippines Coast Guard Auxiliary, iloilo

For more details about Tito Boboy Syjuco visit his official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialTitoBoboySYJUCO