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Wang Fam is a horror-comedy directed by Wenn V. Deramas starring Pokwang, Benjie Paras, Andre Paras, Yassi Pressman, Alonzo Muhlach, Abby Bautista, Candy Pangilinan, Wendell Ramos, Atak Arana and Dyosa Pockoh. Last November 17, the red carpet premiere held in SM Megamall.

Crowd fans are delighted when all cast of 'Wang Fam' walking on the red carpet also there's a Viva artist who attend like Nadine Lustre and James Reid.
Pokwang played the rule of Malou the last virgin of the aswang clan, she is destined to be sacrificed for their race's survival by her brother Jok-Jok (played by Wendell Ramos). However, Malou fall in love when she meet Bu Wang (played by Benjie Paras), a Botanist seeking a plant in the middle of the night in forest who eventually marries her and gives her three children - Andre, Abby and Alonzo.

Together, The Wang Family tires to lead a normal life away from Jok-Jok and the rest of Malou's aswang clan. It is then that they meet Kay Sera (Candy Pangilinan), the nosy landlady whose only daughter Elenita (Yassi)m catches the eye of the dashing Duke (Andre Paras).

Unfortunately, Jok-Jok is able to catch up with the Wang Family and hatches a plan urging Elenita and Duke to elope so he can carry out his plan of sacrificing a virgin.

Will Jok-Jok' Evil design succeed or will the Wang Family be able to save themselves from the clutches Malou's scheming brother?

Find out by watching WANG FAM in all cinema nationwide.

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