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Vice Ganda shared a photo on his twitter account to let everyone know that Jess Verano Senido,dubbed as 'Mr.Pastillas',will meet Angelica Yap,popularly known as 'Pastillas Girl',on 'It's Showtime' today,September 15.

Vice Ganda caught the attention of this twitter user during the segment 'Advice Ganda' after the latter gave a sweet message to Pastillas Girl,who was seeking advice anew from Vice about the best time to fall in love again after break up.


See his tweet for Pastillas Girl below.

It was then followed by a series of tweets in response to Vice Ganda's invitation for him to come in 'It's Showtime' studio and personally meet Pastillas Girl .

One of the audience named Toper also made the audience bursting out into 'kilig' as he compete with Mr. Pastillas to win Pastillas Girl's heart.

 When asked if he knows how to cook,Jess gave a witty response,writing,"Sge si Toper na bahala mag luto, sasamahan ko nalang si Pastillas Girl kumain"

See more of his tweets for Pastillas Girl below: