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We have compiled the photos of some Pinoy Celebrities and matched them up with their foreign look-alikes
that will surely make you have a second look to figure out which one is the original.

Check out these 10 Pinoy celebrities who have a close physical resemblance to these foreign stars and let us know if who looked so much alike:

1.Julia Montes and Scarlett Johansson

2. Enrique Gil and Lucas Grabeel

3. Kris Lawrence and Taeyang

4.Kathryn Bernardo and Lily Collins

5.Sue Ramirez and Anne Hathaway

6.Janine Gutierrez and Mila Kunis

7.Pokwang ang Lucy Liu

8.Marian Rivera and Lee Young Ae 

9. Piolo Pascual and Daniel Arenas

10.Liza Soberano and Olivia Hussey

Which Celebrity Doppelganger totally look the most alike?
Share your thoughts below: