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Sometime all you need is a splash of color and that is what SM City North EDSA latest offer to their loyal shoppers, A new and one of a kind color experience where shoppers can enjoy the different kinds of  colors and to take your photo/selfie experience to a new level.

Colors have an incredible power beyond the ability to beautify our sorroundings, colors have the power to trigger memories and stir emotions. Colors inspire our creativity and our expression. Colors communicate personal and universal meanings and represents a spectrum of personalities and identities.

SM CITY NORTH EDSA and DAVIES present a world where you not only see but also experience the power of color in new, exciting ways. Open yourself to a new dimension and discover a universe of color like you've never seen before. Celebrate and share your colorful encounters through photos. Set your mind free and get creative - this world of colors is yours to enjoy.


A. What color are you?

What does your favorite color say about you? There are as many colors in the world as there are personalities – sitting in a spectrum of hot and cold, relaxed and intense, joyful and calm.

Color affects us in in waus that we have only begun to discover. In this room, explore how the worlds of color and psychology intersect.

Humans are emotional creatures. We react to stimuli, such as sounds or colors, quicker than we can think about them. This is why we have personal color preferences (just look at your wardrobe when you get home!) or find certain colors inexplicably appealing. Colors influence our mood, our physical and mental states, and our perception of the objects around us – helping us shapes our idea of the world, and our own self-image.

With this room, let the colors speak to you.

Use the  QR codes to know more about the psychology of color and how you can apply them in your home with DAVIES Megacryl Semi-gloss.

B. Larger Than Life

Inspired by the music videos of OK Go, Davies presents a colorful world that’s larger than life. Step in. A world of pastel fun awaits.

Pastel colors are desaturated, mellow colors that play very well with other colors – giving us a soothing, friendly impression.

The pastel trend in fashion colors started in the 1980’s when individuality and experimentation was at its prime. Today, pastels are coming back to trend, as a way for young people to express their personalities through fashion.

In home and interior design, pastel colors remain a staple for creating comforting, welcoming spaces with just the right amount of character. Let your fun side shine with the pastel colors of DAVIES Megacryl.

C. Space Warp

How does color help form our perception of the physical world we live in? Explore and learn space perception in this room. Open a world of illusion – and try not to trip!

Watch your step! What you see are simply three different color tones, set as faces of an isometric cube sequence – a simple device, and yet when used to full effect could trick the eyes, and therefore the mind.

We perceive spaces around us using visual cues, enabling us to create an awareness of where our body is in relation to our surroundings. Each color tone used in this room corresponds to height, width, and depth cues – creating an illusion of 3D space in our mind.

Expand and transform your home and work spaces without worry with DAVIES Biofresh+ premium interior paint.

D. It’s A Material World

Enter a world inspired by contemporary installation art and open yourself to the challenge of finding your own creative voice in this industrialized world.

In this industrialized age, art is the synthesis of creativity and modernity. Contemporary art is no longer limited to paintings and sculptures or defined by style, but by an attitude that challenges norms and accepted traditions. Contemporary artists provoke thought and explore concepts through transformative use of materials – challenging our ideas of form and function, creating new spaces, experiences, and worldviews.

Balance functionality and imagination in your home with the vibrant colors of DAVIES Roofshield and DAVIES Sun & Rain.

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