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Kristia Julia Marie G. Banda or also known as Julia Banda won the 2014 WCOPA Competition  (World Championship of Performing Arts). Her amazing voice won 4 Golds under Pop, Rock, Gospel and Open music categories and 1 silver medal for her Broadway performance. It proves that another Superstar is born and brought another pride to Filipinos.

Julia's talent in singing shined in WCOPA Competition; it is also called the "Talent Olympics" where over 40 countries participated and competed in different performing arts category.

A little bit background about Julia: She is 19 years of age and taking a BS Psychology in Miriam College.
She started singing at the age of 4 and her inspiration during that time was Britney Spears. Her full name Kristia Julia Marie G. Banda was taken from both of her parents Kristo, Jullius and Marichelle.

Recently, Julia showcased her singing talent in a pocket presscon with media and bloggers. She also shared about her inspiring life.When asked about the song she'd like to dedicate to his family, she said "Try it On My Own"  since the song tells her story. Her aunts pushed her throughout this entire journey.  Her grandmother has always dreamed of a great singing career for her. Her parents who've always been present at all her singing shows and constantly watch her singing videos Despite of being deaf and mute.

"I expect that there would be a much more rigorous process to follow now, compared to how my singing was handled before. The work and the demand would be very much different, but I believe that I'd be able to go through them well since I now have people to properly guide me."- she said.

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