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Viva Films latest offering this new year, a something scary experience with some of the most good-looking and promising young actors today.

This January, Viva Films proudly presents Ella Cruz, Bret Jackson, AJ Muhlach, Donnalyn Bartolome, Andrew Muchlach, Rose Van Ginkel, Caleb Santos, Samtha Capulong and Jack Reid in "Darkroom", a documentary horror movie directed by Pedring Lopez (Nilalang, Binhi).

In the tradition of Blair Witch Project and The Ring, the movie follows a group of teenage friends who seeks the thrill of ghost-hunting , and stumbles upon an old camera. As they carelessly play with it, they unknowingly summon the demon that exists inside. The demon possesses one of them, his setting off a chain of horrific events that could turn fatal for everyone.

Bret and Ella play Vin Flores and Maine Azores who are still in the early stage of a romantic relationship. Vin is a car enthosiast, while Maine is a bookworm and an introvert; she is known as the "Campus Crush", which makes Vin proud to have her.

Though Vin has the ability to lead the squad in any activity he wants to pursue, Mina Montero (Rose Van Ginkel) is his greatest influence when it comes to movies. A Mass Comm Film major, Mina makes it a point attent every screening of indie films.

Crushing on Mina since they were in high school is Yssah Jusay (Donnalyn Bartolome). She is the perkiest person in their squad, and has the ability to make things more fun every time she's around.
Another person who likes Mina is Josh (Caleb Santos), the audioman in the group.

Mina has a younger brother names Mac, played by Jack Reid. Mac is a balikbayan, and is buddies with Franz, played by Andrew Muhlach.

Another pair of sweethearts is that of Gail Brion and Kurt Tuazon (Samantha Capulong and AJ Muhlach) who have a band called "Game of Love". She has issues over fashion. Eveyrone knows that she's the one who courted Kurt, who happens to be the first boyfriend of Maine. Kurt is the leader of Game of Love. He is into body piercing but doesn't want to have tattoo. Around the campus, he is referred to as "Rakista" because of his usual get up.

"Darkroom" also stars Lander Vera Perez and Abby Bautista. 

Catch these diverse yet interesting characters as they experience the most unexpected and terrifying events in their young lives. "Darkroom" opens in cinemas on January 18. Don't watch it alone!