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Starring Of The Day has explored the beauty of South Forbes, a world class boutique communities that level up for living. It feels like you are on a vacation due to amenities and lifestyle are alike to other countries. 

When in Tokyo Mansion

You will love the Meiji model house in Tokyo Mansion. The house is about 526.12 Sqm with the touch of Asian landscaping combines the modern Zen interior design that creates serene atmosphere and brings the feeling of living in Tokyo.

Tokyo Mansion has a Japanese living theme, with a different Japanese house model and 175 number of lots also with infinity pool in clubhouse that anyone living in Tokyo Mansion can enjoy.

When in Phuket Mansion

South Forbes also gives you the option to adopt the modern Asian Touch, with its interpretation of Thai architecture displayed by the plush residences of of Phuket Mansions.

The Main Clubhouse of Phuket Mansions is the first structure that you will see when you enter the main gate. The Clubhouse will show the beauty of Thai architecture.

When in Chiangmai house

When in Chateaux De Paris

French inspired subdivision type with landscaped parks are reminiscent of the romance and grandeur of the lovely city of Paris.

Trendy Chateaux residents and their privileged guest will experience what it;s like to have a stylysh reserved for royals and nobles every time there's a gala affair at the Grand Clubhouse.

When inside Louvre house one of a french inspired house inside the Chateaux De Paris Mansion. A 2 storey with garage and gross lot area of 158 sqm.

When in Miami

Miami is the vibrant resort community of distinguished professionals, entrepreneurs, and families with a taste for the best home to a special breed where a unique fusion of cosmopolitan living and nature- tripping is an everyday experience.

South Forbes - is composed of luxurious themed residential enclaves inspired by world renowned architectural influences strategically and conveniently located at the Metro. Sta. Rosa Silang Tagaytay business and residential.

For more information visit www.southforbes.com.