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A photo of an Asian-European couple caught the attention of the netizens after Senyora Santibanez posted the candid photo of the two on facebook page with a caption above "Para sa mga babae d’yan, kung feeling n’yo ang ganda ganda n’yo na. Think again."

The sweet photo become a viral hit online when it garnered more than thousands of likes,comments and shares on facebook in less than an hour.

Appearing in the candid photo was a blonde guy named Naparuj Mond Kaendia,a Thai Creative Ditector and Booking Agent at Bacca Model in Thailand ,with his German boyfriend,Thorstern Mid,who was holding his hands inside a train.

Meanwhile, Naparuj Mond expressed his reaction on the said viral photo via instagram:

"#THANKYOU all of you for the support and all the positivity. To be honest I wasn’t so surprised when random people walked to us last night and
showed us all these candid pictures of us that have been posted the whole evening. It happened before, same time last year and all the nasty
comments left me nothing but worries and tears. This year though, in the other hand, Thorsten and I, unexpectedly, are so thankful and
overwhelmed by the storm of your huge support. We never meant to try to be under the spotlight and all… But thank y’all anyway.”

"Love is Genderless"
Check out some of their sweet photos together: